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5 Reasons You Need Oregano

Pamela Bump
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For ages, one simple ingredient has been used to clear skin, lift moods, and strengthen the immune system. But this powerful herb isn’t expensive or hard to find.

Reasons to Try Oregano

Oregano, the popular kitchen spice, can also be used as a beneficial oil and supplement. Here are five reasons to stock up on it this winter.

  • Respiratory Symptom Relief

    Regular use of oregano as an oil or supplement can help prevent mucus and respiratory issues caused by winter illnesses.

  • Antibacterial Properties

    Feeling sick despite your best efforts? Have no fear. Oregano can fight off bacteria commonly associated with the cold and flu.

    According to Georgetown University researchers, oregano even has the ability to fight off drug-resistant bacteria!

    Here are a few other helpful herbs.

  • Mood Regulation

    According to University Health News, the heart-healthy herb oregano can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also help the body balance stress hormones.

  • Skin Care

    In the dry winter months, oregano oil helps achieve a soft, clear complexion.

    In liquid form, it can be used as a bug repellent and hand-washing aid, it also clears up acne and common fungal infections.

    To smell as beautiful as you feel, you can use oregano and other natural ingredients to make your own deodorant.

  • Historical Use

    If you’re looking for a health solution with a strong track record, the herb oregano may be perfect for you.

    Oregano was used to relieve body aches, cuts, and other ailments dates back to ancient Greece.

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