The Best Places to Live Near Atlanta

Jason Butler

Are you considering moving to Atlanta but need help deciding where to settle down? With its thriving economy, diverse culture, and abundance of outdoor activities, the Atlanta metropolitan area has something for everyone. Discover the best places to live near Atlanta that offer a high quality of life, excellent schools, and easy access to all the city's amenities.


Hapeville is a prime location near Atlanta, combining affordability with a vibrant community atmosphere. The city offers a compelling mix of economic opportunities due to its proximity to major employers, including those related to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Residents enjoy a diverse array of housing options. Whether you're looking for a historic home or a modern construction, Hapeville's real estate market provides excellent value, particularly when compared to the broader Atlanta area. This variety helps meet the needs and budgets of different families and individuals.

The educational opportunities in Hapeville are excellent, with access to high-quality public and private schools. Institutions like Woodward Academy and Amana Academy Charter School exemplify the area's commitment to outstanding educational standards.

For those who travel frequently, Hapeville's proximity to the airport and major highways makes it a convenient choice for domestic and international travel. The ease of commuting is a significant benefit for professionals working in and around Atlanta.

The cultural scene in Hapeville is robust, characterized by an array of arts, historical sites, and recreational activities. Numerous local events throughout the year enhance the community's strong sense of togetherness, offering residents and visitors alike a chance to engage with the local culture.

Hapeville celebrates its cultural diversity with numerous festivals and community events that highlight the unique backgrounds of its residents. This cultural richness adds to the city's charm and makes it a welcoming place for people from all walks of life.

East Point

East Point, Georgia, offers affordable living just outside Atlanta. With median home prices around $271,900 and average rent for a two-bedroom apartment at approximately $1,080, it's an accessible area for many looking to buy or rent.

Job opportunities are plentiful due to East Point's proximity to Atlanta, a hub for major companies like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. The local job market is enhanced by the close presence of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, supporting roles in retail, services, and more.

The housing market in East Point features a mix of architectural styles and living options. Whether you're searching for a cozy starter home or a more spacious property, there's something to fit various tastes and budgets.

Education in East Point offers a range of public and private schooling options. While public schools have varying reputations, parents can find several well-regarded educational institutions tailored to different needs.

Transportation is a crucial advantage for residents here. East Point is well-connected by major highways, and with MARTA's bus and rail services, commuting to and around Atlanta is convenient.
Healthcare needs are well met within East Point and its surrounding areas. Multiple healthcare facilities are available locally, with additional access to renowned hospitals in Atlanta.

For recreation and leisure, East Point is vibrant and engaging. It hosts numerous parks, cultural festivals, and community events. Highlights include proximity to Tyler Perry Studios and Camp Creek Marketplace, offering a variety of shopping and dining experiences.


Smyrna, Georgia, stands out as a top choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle near Atlanta. It offers a strong economic foundation with a median household income significantly above the national average. This financial health attracts young professionals and families eager for a prosperous community setting.

The city provides a dynamic employment landscape. With a B+ rating for job and business growth, Smyrna is a hub for career opportunities, particularly appealing due to its proximity to Atlanta's bustling job market.

Housing in Smyrna varies from cozy suburban homes to more contemporary urban-style residences. This diversity caters to various tastes and needs, making it a suitable place for many looking to settle near a major city with a quieter suburban feel.

Educational facilities in Smyrna are commendable. Highly rated schools like Wheeler High School and Teasley Elementary are nearby. Several prestigious private schools offer families additional high-quality educational choices.

One of Smyrna's standout features is its accessibility. Located near major highways such as I-75, I-20, and I-285, it offers easy travel to Atlanta and other regions, ideal for those who commute.
Recreational opportunities are plentiful in Smyrna. The city boasts parks, walking trails, and cultural sites like the Village Green and Market Village, central spots for community gatherings and events.


Decatur, Georgia, excels in offering a high quality of life and comprehensive community services despite a higher cost of living. Home prices average around $588,900, and renting a 2-bedroom home typically costs about $1,260 per month, indicative of the area's appeal.

The city's economy is robust, with a median household income of $129,992. Job opportunities are plentiful across sectors like education, healthcare, and retail due to Decatur's close proximity to Atlanta. The local job market is thriving, providing excellent opportunities for career advancement.

Decatur's housing market includes a variety of options, from historic bungalows to modern townhomes. This mix caters to different lifestyles and budgets, keeping the real estate market competitive and in high demand.

Education is a strong draw in Decatur, particularly the city's highly regarded school district, which is a key factor for families moving to the area. Besides public schooling, several private institutions offer diverse educational philosophies, from Montessori to Waldorf.

The city is known for its walkability, particularly downtown, where shops, restaurants, and other amenities are easily accessible on foot. Public transit is also well-organized, with multiple MARTA stations linking residents to greater Atlanta.

Healthcare services in Decatur are top-notch, with facilities like Emory Decatur Hospital providing a wide range of medical treatments. Access to healthcare is a major advantage for residents, ensuring quality and comprehensive medical care.

Recreational opportunities abound in Decatur, with numerous parks, community centers, and annual festivals such as the Decatur Arts Festival and the Book Festival. These events enhance community engagement and attract visitors from across the region.

Forest Park

Forest Park, Georgia, is an appealing option for those looking for affordability and convenience near Atlanta. The area's cost of living is notably lower than much of Atlanta, with median home prices at about $166,400. This makes Forest Park an economical choice for many potential homeowners. Utility and grocery costs are also reasonable, aligning with state averages.

The job market in Forest Park is varied, featuring opportunities in sectors like administration, public safety, and community development. Local major employers include well-known companies such as Kroger, Amazon, Clorox, and McLane in the distribution sector. These employers are known for offering good job stability and benefits, making the area attractive to job seekers.

Forest Park's diverse housing options, including affordable senior housing, accommodate various demographic needs. Residential communities such as Ashton Walk and Forest Station provide comfortable living conditions tailored to older adults and competitive rental pricing.

Forest Park's education is well-supported by a variety of public schools. Families have access to Forest Park High School, Forest Park Middle School, Babb Middle School, and elementary schools like Fountain Elementary and Huie Elementary, which serve the community's educational needs.

Significant thoroughfares like I-75 facilitate Forest Park transportation, and public transit options provide easy access to downtown Atlanta and beyond. This connectivity is especially beneficial for commuters.
Residents of Forest Park have access to several nearby medical facilities, enhancing the community's healthcare accessibility. Key facilities include Southern Regional Medical Center, which offers a wide range of health services, from routine check-ups to specialized medical treatments.

Forest Park is a hub for outdoor and cultural recreation, boasting amenities like Starr Park and Reynolds Nature Preserve for hiking and picnics. The city also hosts popular events such as the annual Forest Park Festival, which features local food, music, and art, creating a lively community atmosphere.

The surrounding areas offer excellent options for those looking to enjoy the benefits of proximity to Atlanta without the direct impact of city life. These locations provide a serene environment with plenty of amenities, great schools, and a high quality of life. They are ideal for anyone seeking suburban comfort and easy access to urban conveniences.